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Host of "The Scoop" on
To Find Network Marketing Gold, You Have to Know Where to Dig!
Host of "The Scoop" on every Tuesday night at 9M Eastern.

About Tim

Tim Edwards today is a respected coach and mentor in the field of Network Marketing, whose decades of experience include having built the #1 sponsoring team for one of the world’s top companies with more than 30,000 reps under him and countless customers.

As host of his own weekly show, “The Scoop,” on Direct Sales TV Network, Tim offers his Gold Nuggets of wisdom and training videos in addition to interviews with the stars and up-and-coming-stars in the Network Marketing Industry worldwide, offering the latest greatest content on what’s really working in the industry. A show like no other, it is a complete and powerful guide and inspiration for learning how to successfully do Network Marketing at the highest level – how to attract, recruit and train super-successful leaders to sell products, and build organizations filled with superstars…just like he did…from scratch.
"The Scoop"
Tim addresses the challenges, the fears, and pitfalls of building a network marketing business. After 25 years in the industry, Tim shares proven recruiting and business strategies that propelled him from worst to 1st - WITH NO EXPERIENCE - and created the #1 SPONSORING TEAM WORLDWIDE out of 1,000,000 REPS in a billion dollar company! 
Weekly Nuggets with Tim
Tim gives you some outstanding "nuggets" you can take and apply today to help group your team; grow your mind; and grow your income.

Need some helpful tips to get you over the hump? Or, help you get that next prospect?  This is the perfect spot for you!  Click below for helpful nuggets of advice and expertise to get you to the next level!

Borrow my Brain
A Q&A session where Tim takes questions from people that follow him on Facebook on the business that they want answered. Send in your question(s) today!
FREE Strategy Session!
To schedule a 60-minute one-on-one call with Tim, simply click the "Get Started Today!" Tim would like to learn a little bit about you, and see how he can you help you in your business.
If you’ve had a dream of outrageous success, you’re about to discover EXACTLY how to make it happen.

Your long awaited search for content and training IS OVER! This is where you can attract highly motivated professionals looking to leverage their efforts by joining your Impact Driven Business!
Tim Edwards is one of the top “go to experts” in the network marketing industry. He has created a powerful systematic step by step process that creates MAXIMUM IMPACT  by helping to share your vision.

 He is an expert at teaching how to target HIGHLY MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS, attract and engage PROFESSIONALS, ultimately delivering TRANSFORMATIONAL LEVERAGE to your business. 

Since 1992 he’s been famous for going from worst to 1st in a multi-billion dollar company by creating the top recruiting team filled with leaders he mentored from scratch...
Tim is an entrepreneur, visionary, and family man who has fun every day and truly loves creating winning strategies and developing processes that grow and duplicate dynamic businesses and teams. He has a passion for developing leaders and a real mentor's heart for helping others reach levels even if they don’t think are possible.

He loves to spend time with FAMILY, playing golf, going to movies and being a foodie...he loves trying new restaurants with friends. He has a very giving heart, he is extremely dedicating to helping leaders teams and companies succeed and the highest level. 
You Can Have It All!
Are you ready to have incredible success?
Of course the answer is YES, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this... so the real question is... how do you want to see that success happen?

Do you want to have a systematic approach to targeting your ideal leaders so you can grow faster?

To understand how to share engaging content so your marketing strategy gets you the ROI you want?

And what if you could just capture more qualified leads who are ready to buy and will share with their networks, so you can make a bigger impact and help more people?
Let's find out why this is the most important letter you'll read THIS YEAR!
In today’s marketing blender, there is a lot of data and strategies that “supposedly” get the results you want, but most are cookie cutter, most are generic plug-and-play models, and most are not fitted to address your specific challenges... so there’s no real impact on your business.

Tim has created a step-by-step  program designed for leaders looking to magnetically attract other highly motivated individuals and professionals who are interested in learning to leverage their efforts by systematically creating new leaders and teams that can generate substantial... exponential... recurring income for you... and your team.

You need to become the conduit to their needs, you have what they want, all you need is a systematic way to connect and build a relationship with them that will result in a great ROI. 
If you are still trying to get your business off the ground, any growth can easily give you an ROI that can continue to pay dividends for years to come. If you are a successful leader, even a couple of strategies that duplicate through a substantial team can multiply your ROI many times over... infinitely. 

This step-by-step program is called Magnetic Leverage: The "Science of Success" in Network Marketing!
When I first started building my team - being a business man, not a salesman - I wanted something that created real value and a win-win. I was frustrated with the lack of help and I wasn’t interested in just hammering my friends and family with a hyped up pitch designed to get a quick sale and move on to the next person.

I hated seeing good people left behind who truly wanted to learn how to build a business... but they couldn’t get anyone to slow down and really teach them. Does that sound familiar? 
"I hated seeing good people left behind who truly wanted to learn how to build a business...
I got so tired of the stock statements, “Oh you can do it;  Just keep going; You're right around the corner from a breakthrough.”  I wanted real answers to my questions and a process I could learn, teach and duplicate. I knew if someone created a systematic way to attract and develop good people, the business would take care of itself. 

So out of frustration and a lack of help and no real plan available. I committed to develop something similar to a franchise model where every step had an exact process and blueprint people could be taught, understand, and eventually master - where everyone who was serious, could become a productive leader and duplicate. 

My commitment to develop this process is how I created the #1 sponsoring team. 
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get WITH YOUR MAGNETIC LEVERAGE STRATEGY
You will have a systematic approach to getting the results you're looking for. You’ll be able to envision the ROI before we even help you design and implement your targeted solutions. Your Magnetic Leverage Strategy will help you spend less time and money on speculative research,  testing various marketing approaches, and trying to piecemeal a hodgepodge of different philosophies from a variety of books and courses. 
Aren’t you tired of all the time it takes to try and piece it all together? 
You will learn how to better understand the challenges you and your team face, so you'll be able to avoid them, tackle them faster, and get everyone focused on systematic income producing activities. The major roadblocks that most leaders face when executing their duplication model will be obvious and simple to overcome once you learn Tim's systematic and strategic Magnetic Leverage Strategy approach.

Our team of experts are here to help you design and implement your very own custom 12-point strategy.
When we help you launch your Magnetic Leverage Strategy, think about how amazing you'll feel about the incoming success because you've got a step-by-step process to attract and develop leaders, and a systematic way to duplicate so you maximize the recurring income for every person on your team. 
Your Success and ROI from your Magnetic Leverage Strategy Starts Here!
When you see the success and ROI from your Magnetic Leverage Strategy, you're going to be extremely excited to ramp up your efforts. Your colleagues (and even competitors) will see you as the industry leader... the innovator... the go-to expert! The impact and growth will allow you to spend more time focusing on the things you want to focus on and leave the rest to us, your new “go to” team.
9 out of 10 groups fail... stall out... or experience significant attrition. Even if the leaders are capable of sponsoring or selling, every level down their strength and reach continues to diminish as their team struggles to duplicate. Without systematic "franchise-like" duplication, revenue inevitably falls off and unfortunately - without exponential duplication throughout the levels - significant recurring income remains just a dream.  



$4.3 Billion in 72 Hours

Apple Computers uses the same process to launch their iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and all their other products. So does Disney, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, AT&T, HP, and the list goes on.
Turn Potential Talent and Excellence Into Reality.

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...
  • Tim and his team specialize in Magnetic Leverage Strategies and Implementation.
  • We've worked on and developed multi-million dollar Magnetic Leverage Strategies that have produced highly successful outcomes.
  • With over 25 years of experience Tim and his team now have the ability to make any dedicated leader, or team, successful with time.
Our 12-point strategy is designed to identify every single aspect of your process and what potential roadblocks may come up so we can avoid problems and effectively educate and duplicate with ease.

Our processes are designed to give you, your leaders and your team the know-how and the confidence to implement proven, bullet-proof strategies that create rock solid leadership thinking, and simple yet effective duplicable sales and training processes that create infinite levels of productive leaders. This is to allow you to maximize your ROI; increase your impact; and position you as an industry leader.

The most successful teams can take months to create, implement, test, and get a significant ROI. The longer you wait the slower the success rate of your team and the less exponential success you experience. 

  • How to build a 7-figure business or more by...
  • Mastering prospecting and recruiting
  • Attract go-getters that can duplicate a huge team
  • Get sign ups and sales without pressure or hype
  • Eliminate procrastination and limiting beliefs
  • Become a master presenter
  • Brand yourself: use social media and attraction marketing
  • Attract the perfect customers for your product/service
  • Learn to invest time, not manage it
  • Masterfully create a team accountability and recognition strategy
  • How to master goals (Reach every goal you ever set)
  • How create a culture, trainings & events to exponentially growth
Thousands of people have expressed interest in working with Tim Edwards over the years in a private, personalized arrangement like this - but in the past he had only worked with his personal teams. Now as a retired Top Leader in Network Marketing, he is opening his playbook to a select few and he will only accept those leaders that are TRULY ready to Make a Difference.
This is NOT false scarcity here. 
The space in this program is VERY limited because Tim and his Team want to start by working one on one... to deliver top-notch, kick-ass results to create a massive impact on your team. So with Tim speaking to groups and consulting with companies, there is a very limited amount of time to spend one-on-one with an exclusive list of VIP clients. The only way we can deliver on this promise is by limiting the offer to a small group of clients at a time.
We want to work with the RIGHT Leaders! 
Here's Your Next Step!
We need to get on the phone to determine if this program is a FIT for you. To schedule a 60-minute one-on-one call with Tim,  simply click the Get Started Today! button today to start the free application process.

Tim wants to know you’re serious… which is why he is requesting a little information about you and your current network marketing business.
If You are Ready...
If you are ready — finally ready — to start making the impact you know you can, you will definitely want to work with Tim Edwards and his Team to Launch Your Very Own... Magnetic Leverage Strategy! Seize this moment and watch your vision come to fruition and lead those on your team seeking success.
If You are Not Ready...
If you’re not ready to invest the time and energy to change your destiny and outcome, be prepared to watch others take your place as Industry Leaders.

If you’re not ready to say “Yes! I’m In!” (knowing you’re covered by our full guarantee) you may be turning your back on the very people who are waiting for you to make a positive lasting change on them, which is your team... the impact you desire and the impact they deserve is right here... right now.
What Happens if We Feel it is a Fit?
Once you’ve had a chance to ask any/all questions about working with Tim and what it would look like… if all parties are ready and excited to move forward, you’ll be given the opportunity to retain his coaching and consulting for the agreed time and financial investment needed to complete your specific goals and objectives.
"It is a lot easier to make a profit than it is to make a difference. There are many coaches and consultants in the industry you can hire...but Tim is known to do whatever it takes to make a lasting impact on you, your leaders and your team.”
Take Advantage Of This Opportunity Today!
Space is very limited!

During our 60-minute 1-on-1  “Magnetic Leverage Strategy Call" , I will share with you step-by-step exactly how to create a targeted approach and better understand, attract, and develop yourself, and those on your team, to produce and successfully provide you with an ROI - Return On Investment, and achieve your goals

After our 60-minute call, if both of us are ready and excited to move forward, we will then discuss the opportunity to retain my coaching and consulting for the agreed time and financial investment needed to complete your specific goals and objectives.
In The Pursuit of Excellence!

Tim Edwards
Marketing Everything LLC.
P.S. - We only have room for a small group of clients at this time, and every person who is invited to apply here is given special VIP 1-on-1 access to Tim Edwards and the opportunity to change their life, make an impact on their team, achieve an ROI, and achieve their goals.
Are You Ready?
Host of "The Scoop" on
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